Unleash the Magic of Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds 


Announcing the arrival of Armadillo Studios’ latest title – Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds – a mesmerizing and immersive 5×3 reel, high volatility slot available in 96%, 94%, and 88% RTP versions. 

Discover the magic of Exotic Wilds reels that reveal random multipliers from a range corresponding to each fairy. Earth Fairy multipliers range from 2x to 7x, unleash the potential of the Water Fairy with multipliers spanning from 3x to 15x or ignite fiery wins with the Fire Fairy with multipliers up to 50x. 

In Free Spins mode, players can choose their preferred risk-reward level, including 10 Double Fairy Free Spins (Medium Volatility), 5 Triple Fairy Free Spins (High Volatility), or going all-in on 1 Quadruple Fairy Free Spin (Extreme Volatility). 

Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds offers the option to purchase the Free Spins mode to explore all three free spin experiences without delay and unlock the game’s full potential. Players can also double their chances of entering Free Spins by paying an additional 30% side bet. 

This slot is the third installment in our Exotic Wilds series, alongside Fortune Dragon Queen Exotic Wilds and Queen of Egypt Exotic Wilds. 

Unleash the magic of Fairy Fantasy Exotic Wilds to your players, and let the enchantment unfold!