Q&A Uplatform: Sigma Americas & “shaking up the LatAm market”


5 Star catches up with Nelli Melik, Head of Sales at Uplatform & Maria Bashkevich, Head of Marketing at Uplatform to discuss LatAm markets and what makes the perfect event.


Can you tell us about Uplatform and your presence and involvement in Latin America’s iGaming and sports betting sector?

Uplatform is a dynamic company, and we tailor our solutions in accordance with the needs of each market. Our approach leads to an increasing number of operators each quarter, and LatAm is not an exception. We are already present in South American countries, and of course, we expect further growth after SiGAM Americas. 


Recently you participated at SiGMA Americas. Could you share your impressions and tell us about Uplatform’s involvement and activities during SiGMA Americas 2023?

SiGMA Americas was an incredible experience for us. It was the first Americas show we’ve exhibited at. It provided us with valuable insights into the market and upcoming regulations and better connections with industry experts, potential partners, and clients. It was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase Uplatform’s offerings as well and establish our presence in the LatAm market.

At our booth, our team was always busy; attendees showed great interest in our betting and casino solutions and engaged in conversations with our team members.

The lively atmosphere and constant flow of visitors reinforced our belief that Uplatform is meeting the needs and expectations of the iGaming industry.


What in your opinion sets Uplatform apart from its competitors in the region?

I can list down a range of benefits you can get with Uplatform, such as the biggest sport coverage in the world, impressive portfolio of casino providers, sport tools like betBuilder and overall great user experience. But the main thing that sets us out is our partner- centric approach and a professional account management team to increase partner satisfaction daily.  


Can you share any success stories or notable achievements that Uplatform has accomplished in Latin America, specifically related to iGaming and sports betting?

The Latin American market is now our main focus for this year, as we can see the positive changes in the legal and overall perceptions of the region. And we’ve already successfully entered multiple countries in the region with our sportsbetting solution. Thanks to SiGMA Americas we’ve also set the base for the strong partnership with key local providers in the region.                                                                                                                                                                           

As for real cases – one of our success stories involves a Latin American client who had an underperforming sportsbook. After switching to our sportsbook iframe solution in the middle of 2022 and receiving expert guidance on promotion, they saw significant improvements and multiplied GGR in just six months.

Latin America has a complex landscape, and Uplatform has demonstrated its ability to navigate these challenges effectively. We have ensured that our sportsbook adheres to local requirements, giving our partners the confidence to operate successfully in each market.


How does Uplatform approach localization and cultural adaptation when expanding into new markets within Latin America, and what steps does the company take to ensure a seamless user experience for players in different countries?

We are a multinational and multicultural company with dedicated researchers for each market. We collect and process market data as well as feedback from our partners in order to stay on top of trends. Of course, we adhere to regulatory guidelines and maximize our payment method coverage. Our product is accessible in 60+ languages; we adapt our interface based on the user’s location and are cross-device to meet player expectations.


How does Uplatform stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the Latin American iGaming and sports betting industries, and how do you incorporate that knowledge into your strategies?

We are continually improving and tailoring our solutions. We collect valuable feedback from existing and potential clients during expos (and beyond); additionally, our research and development team diligently monitors market trends, regulatory changes, and consumer preferences in Latin America and other regions.

We gather and analyze all this data to ensure we can hear the real needs and pains of operators and adapt our strategies accordingly, refining our product offerings to meet the specific needs of Latin American players. This includes incorporating popular content, local payment methods, front-end requirements, language support, etc.


What role does technology play in Uplatform’s solutions for the Latin American market, and how do you ensure that your platform remains competitive and adaptable to changing industry demands?

We are all about technology and adequately evaluating our strengths or weaknesses. Understanding that market demands change, we try to adapt the speed and accessibility of our cross-device product. For the Latin American market, we put a lot of emphasis on establishing new partnerships with the leading providers in the region, expanding our portfolio, and creating a more familiar user flow for the local players. 


What is Uplatform’s long-term strategy for continued growth and success in the Latin American iGaming and sports betting market, and how does Sigma Americas 2023 fit into that strategy?

We aim to have more direct sportsbook deals with the LatAm operators and increase brand recognition. We prefer going off the beaten track, so we will focus more on innovation and educate the players about our fresh and engaging product with the help of our partners. Sigma Americas no doubt will play a big role in raising awareness about us, our solutions, and our service. We are ready for fruitful networking and new big projects in our pipeline. 


What other industry events does the company plan to attend this year?

This year, we’re embarking on an incredible world tour that may not involve screaming fans like pop idols have, but it’s equally impressive in its own right! We’ve already rocked the ICE London, G2E Asia, and SiGMA Americas. Now, our team is gearing up for the highly anticipated IGB Amsterdam event, and we can’t contain our excitement to mingle with industry professionals there.

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes attending SiGMA Asia, AGE Australia, SBC Barcelona, and SiGMA Malta. And we’re in discussion for 2 more.

These events are more than just glamorous showcases; they hold immense value for us. They provide the perfect stage to spotlight our cutting-edge solutions, connect with other industry experts, and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic iGaming sector. Plus, it’s an opportunity for us to show you the real Uplatform and introduce you to our incredible team, whose sole driving force is the success of our cherished clients and partners.