Entain withdraws from acquisition of Športne loterije

Finance News

Entain has confirmed that it is withdrawing from the process of buying a stake in Slovenian based Športne loterije. The Ministry of Finance announced on Friday that the applications for entry into ownership had been withdrawn.

“We can confirm that, after weighing the opportunities, Entain has decided not to continue the process for the purchase of a stake in Sports Lottery for the time being,” Entain answered when asked if they were withdrawing from the purchase process. Entain did not provide more information about this, as well as when asked about the possibility of entering the Slovenian market in the future.

According to several Slovenian media reports, the British group is said to be the first potential buyer of a majority stake in the Sports Lottery owned by the three umbrella sports associations, the Skiing Association of Slovenia (SZS), the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OKS) and the Football Association of Slovenia (NZS). The sale of this has resonated with the Slovenian public in recent weeks.

The reason for considering the sale is said to be the risks associated with opening the sports betting market in Slovenia. On the other hand, the opponents of the sale pointed out the alleged negative consequences for the financing of Slovenian sports.