The long-awaited conclusion to the ELK Studios Gold Series has finally arrived!


Since the first game was released in 2019, the ELK Gold series has captivated gamers with its thrilling adventures and epic storylines.

In each instalment, players have followed the intrepid explorer Kane Steele as he travels through time and space in search of the world’s biggest and undiscovered treasures. The series has been celebrated for its epic storylines, immersive gameplay, and breathtaking visuals.

In “Valhall Gold – The Final Chapter”, players will join Kane on his final adventure as he sets out to discover the ultimate treasure – a prize so valuable that it has remained hidden for a millennia – The gold of Valhalla. In order to reach this most valuedtreasure our hero Kane is forced to pay the ultimate price.

In order to reach Valhalla and feast at the table of the northern gods – Kane must sacrifice his life!

The game features all of the classic gameplay elements that have made the Gold series so beloved by fans, including exciting action sequences, dazzling mechanics, and beautiful, immersive environments. Valhall Gold also introduces new features and gameplay mechanics, taking the experience to a whole new level.

“We are thrilled to finally release Valhall Gold – The Final Chapter.  We wanted to create a game that would do justice to Kane’s epic adventures and provide a fitting conclusion to the series. This bold
and dramatic move enables the story to come to a natural end, providing a sense of closure for all who have followed Kane’s journey throughout the years.” – Anders Bergström, Lead Concept Artist at ELK Studios “Valhall Gold – The Final Chapter” will be released on September 25th!