Record second quarter for STS as revenue hits €37m

Finance News

The value of amounts staked in Q2 2023 in the STS S.A. (excluding the UK and Estonia operations) – the main operating company in the STS Group – was PLN 1.103 billion and was higher by 3% year on year, compared to the amount of PLN 1.066 billion in the previous year. 

From April to June this year, NGR for STS (excluding the UK and Estonia operations) increased by 26% y-o-y, from PLN 135 million up to PLN 170 million. In the second quarter of 2023, STS S.A. generated GGR of PLN 298 million (excluding the UK and Estonia operations), compared to PLN 263 million a year before. This represents a year-on-year increase by 14%.

In Q2 2023, there were 52,000 new registrations, compared to 63,000 a year before (excluding the UK and Estonia operations). The number of players who made the first deposit was 35 thousand from April to June this year, compared to 44 thousand in the previous year (excluding the UK and Estonia operations). The number of active users in Q2 2023 was 301 thousand, compared to 348 thousand Q2 2022 (excluding the UK and Estonia operations). 

The operating results for Q2 2023 confirm that STS is performing well in the Polish market. The potential of the domestic iGaming industry is high and STS is able to effectively exploit its market position. We hope to record the highest player activity in the last quarter of this year – says Mateusz Juroszek, CEO of STS Holding. 

In 2023, the Group is implementing a number of activities aimed at increasing the profitability of its operations. To this end, the company reorganised its operations, focusing on Poland and closing its activities under licenses in the UK and Estonia. 

Cumulatively in H1 2023, the value of amounts staked for STS S.A. was PLN 2.296 billion compared to PLN 2.093 billion a year ago. GGR in H1 2023 was PLN 604m, in H1 2022 it was PLN 542m. NGR in H1 2022 was PLN 345m, up from PLN 291m a year ago. 

In H1 2023, the number of new registrations for STS S.A. was 109,000, a year ago it was 119,000. The number of players who made their first deposit in H1 2023 was 72,000, while in H1 2022 it was 79,000. The number of active customers in H1 2023 was 410,000, a year ago it was 447,000.