Liga Portugal strikes Betclic partnership


Liga Portugal and the multinational Betclic, the leading sports betting brand in Portugal, signed a partnership agreement lasting four seasons – the most important ever established at this level – which guarantees that brand the status of Naming Sponsor of the main competition of Portuguese football: ‘Liga Portugal Betclic’.

The agreement will provide even more dynamism, emotion and innovation to the competition, betting, at the same time, on an increasingly closer connection with the supporters – one of the key bets of Liga Portugal for the new season, which will place the supporter as an element central to this partnership, because they are the soul of Professional Football and it is for them that we work.

Betclic is an international reference brand and leader in the national market, with a disruptive and differentiating communication strategy, and its commitment to this product will allow it to take the top echelon of Portuguese football to new audiences, with a set of activations with the objective of reaching Fans in an impactful way and with a positive and aggregating message.

The agreement now signed demonstrates the growing interest of Liga Portugal assets for brands and their reach with a passionate audience that follows Portuguese professional football on a daily basis. It is also the result of a repositioning strategy for Liga embodied in a younger, more current and irreverent brand.

“It is a privilege for Liga Portugal to associate with a market leader multinational such as Betclic. This partnership unequivocally shows the high level of Professional Football in Portugal”, said Pedro Proença, President of Liga Portugal.

For Pedro Proença, the partnership between Liga Portugal and Betclic demonstrates the value of Liga Portugal and Professional Football. “Brands like Betclic share our vision and, above all, our ambition for the growth of Portuguese Professional Football. This is an unequivocal sign of what the Liga Portugal brand is today. It is with pride that the main level of Professional Football will be called Liga Portugal Betclic this season”, added the President of Liga Portugal.

For Ricardo Domingues, Head of International Markets at Betclic, “It is with great pride, and mainly with the sense of responsibility that being market leaders demands of us, that Betclic assumes its sponsorship of Liga Portugal – the main championship in the country -, thus reaffirming its commitment to support football and national sport”

And he adds: “We believe that the combination of the potential of both parties, aligned with a common desire to develop the competition and reinforce our values, are factors that bring us closer together in the purpose of continuing to serve people, fans, athletes, clubs , organisations, sports agents – always for an increasingly better sport. Such a spirit of mission finds a first reflection in the denomination ‘Liga Portugal Betclic’”.