Sweet Alchemy: How Play’n GO concocted the perfect recipe for sweet slots


George Olekszy Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO.

Creating a popular and enjoyable online slot game is a challenge. It requires quality design choices, both from an aesthetic and gameplay perspective, and should resonate with players thematically. But creating a series of slot games with each sequel entry being as strong as, or even more so than the one before is something that many struggle to achieve. 

Cue Play’n GO and their team of stellar game designers. This award-winning slot supplier has hit the jackpot with their engaging slot game series as well as their standalone IPs. This behemoth of a company started from humble beginnings in Sweden, and now employs hundreds of talented individuals from across the globe. This naturally impacts the quality of games produced due to Play’n GO having access to an infinitely impressive talent pool. 

The many themes that the team at Play’n GO have used to create their catalogue of games range from the ever-popular mythologies of the Norse, Ancient Egyptians, and Ancient Greeks, to mind-bending science fiction slots, and swashbuckling sea-slots. As well as these themes, there are several titles that have flourished into their own series. Take, for example, the famed Wilde Family made up of Rich Wilde, his talented daughter Cat, and now the unconventional uncle Gerard in Gerard’s Gambit.

But one series that really tingles the tastebuds of fans around the world is none other than the Sweet Alchemy series. The Candy Witch has dazzled players since the release of Sweet Alchemy in 2018, and has helped to solidify Play’n GO’s sweet slots as some of the most popular titles to date.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of playing, Sweet Alchemy is a 5×5 grid slot, in which players hit spin, causing the sweet symbols on the grid to cascade into place. Should four or more of the same symbol touch, both horizontally and vertically, this will create a winning combination, popping the candies and allowing more symbols to fall into their place. 

This can lead to winning combos, charging the Sugar Rush Meter. The further this meter is filled, the more bonus features are activated, with Wild symbols being added to the grid, and even a special bonus round being unlocked.

One feature of the series that players will likely notice is the satisfying visuals combined with the brilliant sound design. Smooth, colourful candies are a treat for the eyes as they pop in and out of existence. These symbols are then wrapped intricately in an enticing popping noise when they disappear, as well as the soft clunk players will hear as the symbols settle into place after a cascade. This sugary combination of eye-catching artwork and phenomenal audio design satisfies sweet cravings.

Following on from this very successful title, was the release of Sweet Alchemy Bingowhich brought a new twist to this candy-filled world. Players are given a selection of bingo cards and once they hit spin, a random selection of numbers are drawn, filling in the cards. Certain completed paylines on the cards will result in wins, as well as the ultimate goal of a full house.

Due to the unbridled success of Sweet Alchemy and Sweet Alchemy Bingo, it was a natural step for Play’n GO to create the next entry in the series with Sweet Alchemy 2. 

This recent title has been warmly welcomed by critics and fans alike, showing that the desire for more sweet slots is still as high as ever. In Sweet Alchemy 2, players are treated to even more exciting features, including the Chocolate Blocker feature in which players must break apart by creating adjacent winning combinations to earn bonuses which can enhance wins significantly.

Now, you might be wondering what’s on the horizon for this great series. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the next addition to Sweet Alchemy is closer than you think. 

We’ve got an exciting new title coming up in the sugary world of the Candy Witch. Sweet Alchemy 100 takes the series to even greater heights with Cherry, Berry, and Apple, the Candy Witch’s younger sisters. Each of these apprentice witches has their own special powers, which can be unlocked and utilised by players to enhance winning potential. We’re very excited to give fans of Sweet Alchemy yet another amazing title to sink their teeth into, so soon after the release of the amazing Sweet Alchemy 2. After all, who doesn’t love a second scoop?

With so much for players to enjoy in the world of the Candy Witch, it’s no surprise that these games have become such popular titles. With three delectably different choices, and a fourth option being added to the menu, we’re excited to see where Play’n GO takes this series in the years to come.