Yggdrasil Gaming sustainable growth through clear strategic choices


As Yggdrasil Gaming celebrates ten-year anniversary, we eagerly look forward to the future and what lies ahead. Throughout the past decade, our commitment to innovation, world-class customer management, and dare to challenge the status quo have propelled us to the forefront of the industry, helping us reshape the gaming industry.

Two of the key strategic focus areas that have been essential for us to drive a quality of earnings focus in tight collaboration with local incumbent and multi international operators are the regulatory market focus and general developments, as well as the creation of new and exciting high-performance mechanical frameworks, such as GigaBlox, DoubleMax and MultiMax, to further thrill our players and build sustainable retention and stickiness.

Regulated Markets: A Strategic Approach for Future Success

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry, Yggdrasil is fully committed to proactively support and champion its regulated market strategy. With the aim of making our games accessible to a wider audience, we work in close cooperation with our local regulated partners to optimise their reach of our premium content to their local player communities.

Recognising the immense potential that lies within untapped territories, we are steadfast in our pursuit of expanding our regulated market presence. By exploring opportunities to enter new markets, we aim to forge partnerships that can propel us to new heights, proving our commitment to meeting our partners’ and audiences’ evolving needs.

In our unwavering pursuit for regulatory compliance, we have successfully obtained the necessary approvals and certifications for various markets. This is proven by the fact that since inception, we have aimed to obtain the Malta Gaming Authority licence, which we were given in 2014. Our entry into the UK regulated market in 2016 also marked a huge milestone for the company. As of now, we operate in a total of 24 jurisdictions, including key regulated markets such as Italy, Sweden, Germany, as well as having our first two games live in the regulated US. 

This year alone, we have been approved for Buenos Aires City and obtained our Swedish B2B permit. Being a Swedish company, the Swedish B2B permit was crucial for us. These milestones serve as a testament to our commitment to responsible operations, and signify our readiness to cater for the needs of diverse and discerning markets.

Andrew Pegler, Chief Commercial Operations Officer, said that “At Yggdrasil, we are committed to expanding our presence in regulated markets through new partnerships and licences. With a focus on compliance and innovation, we keep working to expand our riveting game portfolio to more jurisdictions, which more players would have the opportunity to experience.”

Embracing our GEMs’ Potential: Looking at Past Successes and Future GEM Games

Our industry-loved Game Engagement Mechanics, also known as GEMs, add an extra layer of excitement to our games, in order to captivate players and operators with their innovative features and exciting gameplay.

The first GEM to be launched was Splitz in 2019, and the portfolio has since expanded to include a solid number of 10. Throughout the years, some GEMs have proven to be industry favourites, namely GigaBlox and MultiMax, with the best known titles being Multifly! MultiMax , Raptor DoubleMax, and MexoMax MultiMax (launched in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively). Many of our partners within the YG Masters program have also utilised our GEMs in their games, to add an more thrill into the gameplay.

Both launched in 2023, the newest additions to our GEM portfolio, WildEnergy and TopHit, continue proving that innovation remains at the forefront of Yggdrasil’s vision. Looking ahead, our team already has one more release for each of these GEMs in the 2023 pipeline. Fans of the WildEnergy mechanic can anticipate another title in October, while TopHit enthusiasts can look forward to another game in November. 

Mark McGinley, Chief Gaming Officer at Yggdrasil Gaming said that: “Yggdrasil’s GEMs have raised the bar in the gaming industry. Our commitment to innovation and player engagement remains steady, and as we forge ahead, our commitment to providing an unparalleled gaming experiences remains steadfast, and we eagerly await the continued success of our GEMs.”

Björn Krantz, Chief Executive Officer at Yggdrasil Gaming said that: “We are all very proud to work together in a company that is driven by an unwavering dedication to innovation. By embracing emerging technologies and focusing on regulated markets, we position ourselves for future success, while our GEMs portfolio continues to captivate players and demonstrate our commitment to revolutionising the gaming experience.”