Netherlands regulator issues over €7m in fines for illegal gambling


The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) has imposed a fine of €900,000 on MKC Limited for offering illegal games of chance.

Dutch players could participate in online gambling on the website, owned by MKC Limited. MKC Limited does not have a permit for this and is therefore in violation of the Gambling Act.

Visitors to the website could, during a check by the Ksa, create an account with Dutch address details, log in and participate in online games of chance. No technical measures had been taken to prevent participants from the Netherlands, for example with an IP blockade. The age of participating players was also not visibly verified.

René Jansen, chairman of the Ksa: ‘At MKC Limited, players could enter an age themselves without clear identification. This means that their website is also accessible to very vulnerable, underage players. This is a seriously culpable offense, which we have also included as an increasing factor for the fine. It shows once again that in many cases little attention seems to be paid to the safety of players on the illegal market.’

The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has also imposed a fine of €6,794,000 on GoldWin Limited for offering illegal games of chance. Dutch players could gamble online on the website This is a violation of the Gambling Act (Wok), because GoldWin does not have a license from the Ksa.