Paddy Power unveils new Wonder Wheel ad


Brexit, VAR… Milton Keynes. If we could go back in time we’d all change a thing or two.

And in the new ad for Paddy Power Games, Abbey Clancy imagines if she had ended up with Britain’s favourite soap hunk.

In the Sliding Doors-style epic, former England international footballer Peter Crouch watches his real-life wife, Abbey, snuggle up with none other than ex-soap star Shaun ‘Barry From EastEnders’ Williamson.

Speaking ahead of the TV ad hitting screens, Peter admits: “Seeing Abbey snuggled up with Barry was one of the strangest experiences of my life. I was standing there thinking to myself, you know, what if this actually did happen?!”

From potentially problematic baby names, to meeting her beloved husband, the TV ad sees Abbey consider the many ‘what if’s’ as she drifts into a daydream about the supposed moment she first laid eyes on the striker-turned-pundit-turned-podcaster.

As part of the ad, Paddy transports Abbey back to a nightclub scene in the noughties, where Barry sidles up tp inform her, ‘my mate fancies you’, nodding in the direction of Crouchy who greets her with a cheeky grin.

Crouch explains: “The attention to detail from Paddy on this was epic. The nightclub scene recreated the moment where we first met in the Vampire room of Mosquito nightclub in Liverpool.”