Virginia sports betting surges to $520 million in September

Finance News

The Virginia Lottery reported sports wagering handle of more than $520.3 million for the month of September.

$520 million handle, mobile operators took in $514.7 million, which is 99% of the entire market. Roughly $5.6 million was placed at one of Virginia’s casinos. All of these operators paid out $466.2 million in winning tickets, which was an overall hold of 10.4%, slightly higher than August’s 10%. 

“The Lottery’s business is all about games and excitement, but we also support an important mission: generating funds for our K-12 public education,” said Lottery Executive Director Kelly T. Gee. “The unprecedented success we saw in Fiscal Year 2023 is positive news for all Virginians, regardless of whether they choose to play lottery games or sports bets.”