Softgenius CEO interview: “White-label solutions offer a fascinating dichotomy”


5 Star speaks to Softgenius Chief Executive Officer Lorand Minyo about supplier’s journey so far and what to expect next from this aspiring business.

Thank you for inviting me to this dialogue. I’m Lorand Minyo, a technology executive experienced in operations, strategy, and marketing; AI ethicist, and more recently, philanthropist. For the past few years, I focused on scalable growth and tangible innovation in the iGaming industry. 

I’m passionate about designing the future of humanity by improving education, health, food, energy, and security, with a keen interest in biotech, renewables, AI, and robotics. 

For the past two decades, I consulted for several Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, LVMH, and various government agencies.

Co-founded three companies — a cosmeceutical manufacturer, a video recognition platform, and a biotech company; one exit.

I’m an advocate for educational empowerment through technology, with a keen focus on how AI can enrich our daily experiences. At Softgenius, we’re not just a tech company; we’re educators at heart, committed to demystifying the complexities of technology and making it accessible for all. Our ethos is built around the idea that informed users create a dynamic and progressive digital ecosystem.

Proudest Products:

At Softgenius, our pride is deeply rooted in the intelligent casino platform we’ve developed. It stands at the forefront of our achievements, demonstrating our dedication to leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the gaming experience. This platform is not just a product; it’s a confluence of user-centric design, sophisticated analytics, and adaptive technology. Simply put, we’ve managed to create a casino factory in the span of less than a year.

What sets it apart is how it uses AI to personalize each player’s journey, learning from interactions to tailor game offerings and difficulty levels. It’s a testament to our belief in the power of education, as it informs players about responsible gaming while providing an engaging experience. It showcases our commitment to not only entertaining our users but also to educating them about the nuances of online gaming.

Our platform is a beacon of how technology, when aligned with social responsibility, can create a holistic and impactful user experience.

Online Gambling Trends:

Observing the online gambling industry, the infusion of AI and machine learning is a transformative trend. These technologies are redefining user engagement by offering a more tailored and interactive experience. I believe that the convergence of AI with responsible gaming practices represents a sustainable trend, setting a precedent for the industry’s future where ethical considerations are as paramount as technological advancements.

Efficiency in Business Development:

The most efficient products for us in terms of business development and scaling are those that leverage data analytics and AI to inform decision-making. These tools not only streamline our operations but also offer invaluable insights into market trends and user preferences, allowing us to adapt and innovate continuously. They serve as the compass guiding our strategic direction, ensuring that we remain agile and responsive in a fast-evolving market.

White-Label Solutions:

White-label solutions offer a fascinating dichotomy. For Softgenius and our clients, they present an expedited route to market entry and the ability to scale rapidly. However, the true challenge lies in customizing these solutions to create a distinct brand identity. It’s about striking a balance between utilizing ready-made platforms and imbuing them with unique features that reflect the client’s vision and values. In our approach, we emphasize not just deployment, but education—equipping our clients with the knowledge to navigate the intricacies of the digital space effectively.

Advice for Aspiring Online Casino Owners:

For those aspiring to launch their online casino platform, the journey begins with a comprehensive educational foundation. Understanding the regulatory landscape, technological requirements, and the nuances of consumer behavior is crucial. Prospective owners must not only focus on the technological scaffolding but also the ethical implications of gaming, ensuring that they contribute positively to the ecosystem. This venture is as much about building a robust business as it is about nurturing a community that values responsible and equitable gaming practices.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss and I’m eager to read more of your informative articles on the industry.