Spiffbet to relaunch Helmicasino following takeover


Spiffbet takes over the dormant Helmicasino.com casino and relaunches it on a Malta license with a focus on Finland.

The casino has previously been active in Finland with a different license but due to changed conditions for payments, the casino was closed at the beginning of 2023. It was operated by a partner within Spiffbet’s offer of casino solutions.

Spiffbet takes over program code and domain and pays a purchase price of SEK 300,000. The relaunch is not expected to entail significant additional costs beyond marketing. The goal is for the casino to be launched in early December 2023.

“We really thought it was a shame that Helmicasino.com was closed, but we understood at the same time that it was necessary as the conditions to continue operating on the existing license were no longer there.

We are happy to offer the casino again to the market with better game selection and better payment options. Spiffbet as a company has brought down the cost level significantly since the beginning of 2022. Now we focus on increasing revenues. The launch of Supersnabbt.se and Helmicasino.com is a clear component of this. We started with the launch of Supersnabbt.se, which looks promising, and now we continue with Helmicasino.com in Finland,” comments Spiffbet’s CEO, Henrik Svensson.