Dutch gambling regulator KSA shuts down illegal bingo operation


The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) has busted an illegal bingo in Dordrecht. The bingo was organized by an organization that the Ksa has previously taken action against. About 200 visitors attended the event, including some minors.

Organizing bingos on location is permitted in the Netherlands under strict conditions. For example, bingo in a closed circle (an existing group of people who know each other, such as a family, nursing home, a company or members of an association) may be organized without a permit (for example in a circle of friends or a nursing home).

Associations can also organize bingo, provided it is for a good cause and the prizes have a maximum value of €1550. A permit can be requested from the municipality for this type of bingo.

The Ksa previously received a report of an organization that sets up illegal bingos, the ‘Dordtse Queens’. The bingos were advertised via their own pages on Facebook. After a report by the Ksa to Meta, these pages were taken offline. Subsequent investigation by the Ksa revealed that the organization continued to advertise and organize illegal bingos on new pages.

Inspectors from the Ksa managed to find the location of a planned physical bingo. A raid was then planned in coordination with the police and the municipality of Dordrecht. About 200 bingo players were present on the evening. The prizes to be won (including branded clothing, bags and shoes) have been confiscated.

The Ksa sees that people are not always aware of the rules surrounding bingos and lotteries. For bingo, participation in illegal bingo is in principle also punishable, and minors are not allowed to participate in any case. Organizers of illegal lotteries and bingos also risk a high fine.