Oregon Lottery breaks record as annual sales top $310 million 

Finance News

The Oregon Lottery will return nearly $900 million to the state for the 2023 fiscal year, down slightly from the previous year due to an increase in operating costs. 

Unclaimed prizes for the year totaled $9 million and will also go back to the state. The funding directly benefits state parks and natural habitats, public schools, veteran services, outdoor school, and economic development. Oregon Lottery is self-funded through the sale of games, not tax dollars, and voters and the Legislature designate where the money goes. 

“Oregon Lottery’s success allows us to support programs that help our state thrive,” said Oregon Lottery Director Mike Wells. “We’re focused on running our operations as efficiently as possible to benefit the public programs Oregonians care about.” 

Lottery players were lucky this year with payouts totaling nearly $16 billion for the year. With jackpot games climbing to record amounts, eight players took home prizes worth $1 million or more. Prizes big and small account for about 92% of the Lottery dollars played. 

Sales commissions on Lottery games also support retailers, many of whom are small business owners. The 3,800 Lottery retailers across Oregon collectively earned more than $310 million this year.  

Since 2016, Oregon Lottery has maintained the highest level of accreditation for responsible gambling from both the National Association of State and Provincial Lotteries/National Council on Problem Gambling and the World Lottery Association’s (WLA) Responsible Gambling programs. Oregon is one of only eight lotteries in the U.S. to reach this level by the WLA.