Imagine Live launches “American Roulette”


Imagine Live transports your players to the opulent world of the 1920s in a dedicated studio beautifully themed with all female dealers in costumes fitting with the times.  

“American Roulette” online casino game is about the studio and the costumes, where Imagine Live’s design team has had great fun designing and delivering the new studio.  

“The launch of ‘American Roulette’ is a celebration of the elegance and allure of the Roaring Twenties,”remarked Hovhannes Tadevosyan, Head of the Marketing Department of Imagine Live. ” All aspects of the game are combined with the detailed elements within this dedicated studio. The result pays homage to the icon era of extravagance and sophistication. Get ready to transport your players into the past and enjoy this new experience.” 

Features that distinguish “American Roulette” from the rest:  Outfits: Our live dealer ladies are all dressed like they are attending Gatsby’s mansion and will be showing off their new attire as they have the freedom to catwalk the studio during the spins. 

Lavish Visuals: Captivate in the era’s glitz with stunning graphics that recreate the ambiance of a Gatsby-inspired online live casino.