DraftKings unveil new fantasy product Pick6

Fantasy Sports

DraftKings has unveiled DraftKings Pick6 as the company’s new peer-to-peer fantasy sports variant based around a simple “more or less” mechanic for individual player statistics.

This latest fantasy variant will debut in six states initially, starting December 6th for Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin with additional rollouts expected to follow. Pick6 will feature player picks for NFL and NBA contests at launch.

“For the past decade, DraftKings has defined innovation in fantasy sports,” said Corey Gottlieb, DraftKings’ Chief Product Officer. “Pick6 is the next great example of that innovation—this is a homegrown, peer-to-peer product that taps into our customers’ desire for fun, simple-to-play experiences tied to their favorite athletes. We are excited to give our customers another way to experience live sports by competing against each other.”

As with all DraftKings fantasy variants, Pick6 customers will compete peer-to-peer for guaranteed prizes. The product is simple: customers can build a lineup of two to six players from two or more teams, choosing more or less of a statistic for every athlete on their team.