Ohio is first state to provide sports gambling software to block digital bets

Responsible Gambling

As part of the Ohio Lottery’s “Time Out Ohio” program for individuals with a gambling problem, Ohio is now the first state in the county to launch free blocking software to block digital bets.

Time Out Ohio already gives people the ability to sign-up and block themselves from entering a brick-and-mortar casino for one or five years, or a life time ban.

If a person who signs up is ever caught in the casino, they may have to forfeit any gambling chips or slot tickets, be escorted off the premise and potential charged with criminal trespass.

The newest form of self protection will be in the form of software from the company Gamban, that will keep a person from placing any bets from all of their devices.

“We view Gamban as an essential tool for those who struggle with gambling online. Time Out is a tool for legal based blocking, but Gamban protects individuals from the illegal market as well and those beyond the Commissions’ authority,” according to Amanda Blackford director of operations and Responsible Gaming at the Ohio Lottery Commission.

The Gamban offer is for one year to block sites like FanDuel, Unibet, Bally’s and WagerScore in the US, giving those experiencing harm from gambling access to their software for free.

“We hope other states will follow the lead of Ohio, which has been incredibly forward-thinking at a time when mobile sports betting across the US is growing rapidly,” Matt Zarb-Cousin said, co-founder of the UK based Gamban.