Jackpocket goes live in Puerto Rico


Jackpocket, America’s #1 lottery app*, today announced its official launch in Puerto Rico, the first market outside of the contiguous U.S. in which the app is available.

Now, lottery players in Puerto Rico can use Jackpocket to play their favorite lottery games, including Powerball, Loto Cash, Pega 4, Pega 3, and Pega 2 from their phone, anywhere on the island.

The app’s secure platform allows players to conveniently order official lottery tickets that Jackpocket fulfills on their behalf at a licensed lottery retailer. Players can select their game and numbers, view an image of their ticket, get automatically notified if they win and even receive lottery prizes up to $1,200 directly through the app. If players win prizes over $1,200, their winning ticket will be transferred to them so they can claim their lottery prize from the Puerto Rico Lottery.

To celebrate the launch, Jackpocket is offering lottery players in Puerto Rico their first lottery ticket for free on the app. New players can receive a $2credit for one lottery ticket by entering the code LUCKYPR at checkout on their first order.

“We are thrilled to bring Puerto Ricans a new, convenient way to play the lottery,” said Peter Sullivan, founder and CEO of Jackpocket. “We’re committed to making the lottery fun, safe, and accessible to all who love to play. Proceeds from the Puerto Rico Lottery go to social programs and public works that make a real, tangible impact for Puerto Ricans every day. Now, Jackpocket will help drive additional funds supporting these programs across the island. We can’t wait to celebrate our first big winner in Puerto Rico.”

The proceeds from Puerto Rico Lottery ticket sales benefit important social programs, such as college scholarships, health programs, sports and recreation, and the improvement of roads and infrastructure. By broadening access to the lottery, Jackpocket will help drive lottery revenue, benefitting these programs while attracting new consumers who would not otherwise be active lottery players. Over 65% of Jackpocket users are 18 to 45 years old.

The Jackpocket app offers a new way to play the lottery with features such as Jackpocket Pools for Powerball, where players can team up with other players in Puerto Rico or create their own lottery pool with friends and co-workers. The app also gives players access to exclusive giveaways for the chance to win trips, sports tickets, free credits, and much more.