130,000 problem gamblers in Ireland 

Responsible Gambling

A new ESRI report revealed the astonishing impact the gambling industry is having on the people of Ireland.

Last year, 500,000 people in Ireland used a free bet to make a punt, while one in 30 adults are suffering with gambling problems.

This is ten times higher than a similar report released four years ago.

The government’s put together the Gambling Regulation Bill which they hope will address the scourge of addiction across the country.

While the aim is to help the people suffering, it could also have a big impact on the horse racing industry which employs 30,000 people around Ireland and contributes to €2 billion to the Irish economy.

In an interview with The Irish Sun about his gambling legislation, James Browne shoots down claims that his law will devastate the horse racing industry and rubbishes “scaremongering” accusations

The new laws will change how we gamble in Ireland, with no betting ads on TV before 9pm, an end to promos such as free bets and supports for people with addiction.

The legislation is undergoing some tweaks at the moment before going back to the Dail and Seanad, with punters not likely to see the impact until next summer.