Casino Cosmopol fined SEK 2 million for AML failings


The Swedish Gaming Authority has today announced a decision in a supervisory matter concerning Casino Cosmopol’s work to combat money laundering in 2019 and 2021.

Casino Cosmopol accepts the criticism. At the same time, the company notes that the Swedish Gaming Authority, in its supervisory decision, draws attention to the fact that Casino Cosmopol implemented a number of improvement measures that had the intended effect.

The Swedish Gaming Authority has issued a warning and sanction of SEK 2 million for shortcomings in Casino Cosmopol’s work with customer awareness. The supervision concerns the work during 2019 and 2021. As the Gambling Inspectorate states in its decision, during and after the supervision period, Casino Cosmopol implemented improvement measures that reduced the risks of money laundering. The Swedish Gaming Authority also assesses that Casino Cosmopol will be able to comply with the regulations going forward.

We have a high ambition for our work and have implemented new comprehensive tools and routines, which greatly improved and developed our work against money laundering. We take on board the criticism that the Gaming Authority puts forward and to the extent that the shortcomings have not already been addressed, we will take care of them, says Ola Enquist, CEO of Casino Cosmopol.

Examples of improvement measures implemented by Casino Cosmopol are registered play on gaming machines and gaming tables, lowered threshold amounts for controls, improved system support for recording transactions and transaction monitoring, in-depth money laundering training, and increased dedicated staff for follow-up and monitoring.

Money laundering is a serious social problem that must be combated in every way. We will now go through and carefully analyze the Gambling Authority’s decision, says Ola Enquist.