Softgenius 2023 uncovered: A year in review


Kati Holasz, CTO of Softgenius, 2023 was a mix of busy, fun, and those sweet ‘aha!’ moments. 

This isn’t just a story of a year gone by! From launching online next-gen products to growing our team and optimizing the software development procedures, Softgenius is set to end the year on a high note, excited for the journey ahead.

The proudest moments of 2023?

One year, four brands

How to celebrate milestones, when going the extra mile is business as usual?

2023 was the year Softgenius brought the big guns out. Not one, not two, but four platforms shook up the scene – each one a game changer.

Wrapping up the year, I’m excited about Softgenius’s departments’ achievements. We launched four cool brands, setting new standards for fast delivery and high-quality products. 

Thanks to our awesome team, we’ve brought cutting-edge features and user-friendly designs to the table.

I’m confident these brands will do great, paving the way for Softgenius in the upcoming year.”- Kati Holasz, CTO of Softgenius.

Did you spot us? 

2023 – a year of many firsts.

From IGB London, IGB Amsterdam, and SBC Barcelona, to SiGMA Malta, Softgenius stepped into the light of major industry conferences. And guess what? IGB London 2024 is just 2 months away! And yes, we’ll see you there.

Building Bridges, Breaking Boundaries

Want to know how great things come to life? It starts with having the right people by your side. And Softgenius does!

Signing dozens of contracts with top providers in the industry means rewriting the rules together. And when we say together we count YOU in the mix. 

Whether it’s game, payments, or tech providers, we’re set to see these partnerships expand, with a strong focus on AI technologies. The game has indeed changed – and with it, Softgenius is playing by its new rules.

Can you feel the pulse of innovation already?  

Oh! Did Softgenius just double in size?

New beginnings can be rather scary. But, when surrounded by the right people, they are less scary and more exciting and fun. 

Just a year ago, Softgenius laid the foundation of 5 new departments. Since then, almost 100 new stars joined the team – still laughing, learning, and growing together.

Growing in experience means growing in size as well, and perhaps there’s a place for someone like you in our evolving story!

Shaping the culture beyond business

Business might be what keeps the engine running but culture is what steers the ship.

Sure, team buildings, festive celebrations, and Softgenius’ signature happy Fridays are just glimpses of what we were about. But there’s so much more beyond the office walls.

Creating a strong employee culture goes far beyond fun parties and free meals.

Values like mutual win-win, never settling down, and constantly raising the bar are the pillars that keep us going further. 

So why not glance at the full picture together? Surely the view is spectacular.

Exploring the future may look like a maze..or a playground!

Looking ahead, we’re not slowing down, but quite the opposite. More sustainable, more innovative, and more inclusive – what does that look like for Softgenius in 2024? 

Think bigger CSR initiatives, a deeper commitment to giving back to the community, and a relentless drive to push the boundaries of innovation even further.

2023, you were a rollercoaster we’d ride again. But let’s gear up for what’s next – new challenges, more wins, more Softgenius!