Yolo Investments launches new €100 million fund

Finance News

Yolo Investments has announced the launch of its new flagship investment fund, targeting a capital raise of €100 million, as it further expands its fast-growing ecosystem of investments across gaming, blockchain, fintech and other emerging technologies such as renewable energies.

Building on its previous fund, Yolo Investment’s new fund, Yolo Fund II L.P., is structured as a Guernsey-registered limited partnership and is licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC). Yolo Investments’ first flagship fund, launched in 2019, invested in more than 100 assets, spanning an AUM (assets under management) above €600 million, with an IRR (internal return rate) exceeding 40%.

In tandem with the fund’s approval, the GFSC also approved the investment manager licence for Yolo GP Limited, which will act as the fund’s investment manager.

The €100m fund will constitute an initial raise of €50m, alongside which a further €50m will be committed by Yolo Investments GPs and invested into globally distributed gaming, fintech and blockchain-related asset classes.

Tim Heath, founder and GP at Yolo Investments, said:  “Over the last few years, Yolo Investments has grown from a simple philosophy to leverage General Partner expertise, capital and network to help early-stage companies thrive, into an established Venture Capital fund with more than half a billion euros in assets under management. With the launch of Yolo Fund II, we are even better placed to identify and support high-growth potential opportunities across gaming, fintech and blockchain.”