KSA recommends setting €700 deposit limits

Responsible Gambling

The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) has submitted its updated Responsible Gaming Policy Rules to various stakeholders for consultation.

The new policy rules include additional interpretation of the duty of care and attention is paid to the changed advertising rules.

In September, the Ksa published a report on a survey among ten providers into the interpretation of the duty of care and its implementation.

This research showed that providers do not always shape the duty of care correctly, for example because they do not intervene in a timely manner in the event of excessive play or possible addiction. When publishing that study, the Ksa announced that it would amend the Responsible Gaming Policy Rules to, among other things, further clarify a number of open standards in the legislation, so that providers can better fulfill their duty of care.

These amended policy rules have now been drawn up and are being submitted to various stakeholders, such as addiction experts and providers. With this consultation they are asked to respond to the feasibility of the policy rules.

The new policy rules include that providers must be able to recognize a signal of excessive gambling within an hour. This is in line with the finding from the research that many providers do not monitor in real time and sometimes detect signals too late, which means that players can suffer large losses in a short time.

If a player makes a net deposit of more than €700 in a calendar month (€300 for young adults aged 18-24), the provider must contact the player concerned and request proof of income before allowing the player to deposit more. You can only play with the money that is already in the account at that time.
In addition, the new policy rules pay attention to the ban on using role models and the ban on untargeted advertising. For example, more content is being given to advertising aimed at vulnerable groups, such as minors and young adults, and the use of role models for advertising activities.