UK to host SuperDome esports event as part of £3m West Midlands funding boost


The UK will play host to a SuperDome esports tournament in September 2024, thanks to a West Midlands funding boost.

It’s one of nine sporting events taking place in the West Midlands over the next 14 months supported by a combined £3m of Commonwealth Games legacy funding, with the UK SuperDome event receiving £250,000 in particular.

It will take place from Thursday September 5th to Sunday September 8th 2024 at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham, according to a spokesperson who told us Solihull Council is working with the venue for the event. 

This is around the same time that Insomnia Gaming Festival takes place in the second half of the year at the Birmingham NEC, so you can expect the SuperDome event to run alongside Insomnia, like the Apex Legends ALGS Championship did last year.

Several SuperDome events have taken place in MENA and LATAM in recent years, including League of Legends’ SuperDome Cairo a couple of months ago, and Valorant’s off-season SuperDome 2022 also in Cairo, Egypt. 

The next event in Valorant will take place in Cairo next week, featuring NASR, Falcons, Furia and FUT Esports.

It’s possible the UK event could be focused on Valorant, given it’d take place after August’s Valorant Champions event, and there’s a gap in the 2024 Challengers calendar at the start of September, when the tournament is set to take place.