Mastering Reactivation: Strategies to Engage and Retain Players


Francesca Raniolo, Senior Business Development Executive at Enteractive.

The iGaming and sports betting industry thrives on challenges and innovations. It’s a dynamic arena where operators grapple with regulatory shifts and technological advancements while vying fiercely to engage and retain players. In this article, we delve into seven expert-endorsed strategies that form a playbook for online gaming operators looking to maximise active players in this competitive landscape.

1. The Art of Player Engagement: Building Connections

Player engagement extends beyond mere communication; it’s about establishing authentic and lasting connections with players. Engaging players across various communication channels—such as SMS, email, social media, and even real two-way phone conversations —is crucial. Operators need to optimise player interactions to keep relationships active and listen to feedback to gain insights into their preferences and behaviours.

Promoting a personalised approach to interacting with players and offering tailored experiences that cater to their individual preferences enhances engagement and cultivates loyalty. By constantly adapting to evolve player preferences and behaviours, operators can strengthen their relationships with players, fostering a deeper emotional connection that drives long-term retention rates.

2. Making a First Impression: Crafting a Smooth Onboarding Experience

The initial interaction sets the tone for a player’s journey, significantly impacting whether they choose to stick with it. Operators need to provide a seamless and user-friendly onboarding process, ensuring hassle-free registration and offering attractive incentives and bonuses to captivate new users.

Tracking metrics like Lifetime Player Value (LPV) from the outset aids in understanding player behaviour patterns and preferences. Personalising the onboarding experience based on player preferences – such as game suggestions, tailored promotions, or personalised bonuses – contributes to a positive first impression, encouraging long-term retention.

3. Ensuring Trust: Streamlining Financial Transactions

Players highly value seamless and secure financial transactions. Optimising deposit and withdrawal processes, incorporating locally preferred payment methods, and ensuring swift payouts play a pivotal role in fostering player trust.

Implementing robust Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures ensures a secure gaming environment, reducing the risk of fraud and promoting trust in the brand. Prioritising transparency and security in financial dealings further establishes this sense of trust and reliability among players, ultimately leading to higher NGR revenue.

4. Embracing Innovation: Staying Ahead of Player Preferences

Innovation drives the iGaming industry’s evolution. To remain relevant, operators must continually adapt their offering to include emerging trends like new game formats (such as crash games), live casino games, and immersive gaming experiences.Understanding player preferences through comprehensive data analysis and market research is essential for tailoring gaming experiences. Introducing novel features and gaming options that resonate with players not only keeps operators competitive but also attracts a diverse player base. 

This diversity contributes significantly to sustained player engagement and continued enjoyment of the entertainment in the long run.

5. Navigating Regulations: Creating a Secure Gaming Environment

Implementing personalised interactions and responsible gambling initiatives goes beyond mere compliance – it demonstrates a genuine commitment to player welfare. Personalised interactions involve tailored communication, catering to individual player preferences while ensuring responsible gambling practices. Operators can implement tools such as self-exclusion programs, deposit limits, and responsible gambling resources to safeguard players. These initiatives not only foster a safer gaming environment but also showcase operators as responsible entities dedicated to player protection.

By strictly adhering to these regulatory frameworks and fostering a secure gaming environment, operators not only gain the trust and loyalty of players but also contribute significantly to industry compliance. This builds a foundation of credibility and reliability, crucial for sustained patronage and long-term success in the iGaming space.

Plus, as jurisdictions around the world curtail advertising for iGaming and sports betting brands, calling your customers to remind them you still care goes a long way to preventing churn. 

6. Tackling Acquisition Costs: Prioritising Retention

As acquisition costs continue to escalate, operators face mounting pressure to optimise their marketing strategies. While acquiring new players remains essential, prioritising player retention has become a paramount objective.

Employing sophisticated predictive modelling techniques allows operators to identify high-value players and segment their user base effectively. This enables tailored marketing approaches, optimising spend on retaining valuable players while reducing acquisition expenses associated with less profitable segments.

Emphasising player satisfaction and loyalty initiatives mitigates the challenges posed by escalating acquisition costs. Retaining existing players not only ensures a steady revenue stream but also establishes a loyal customer base that actively promotes the brand, reducing reliance on costly acquisition channels.

And yes, some audience segments don’t respond to automated digital outreach like emails and SMS, but it’s not a lost cause… Calling these player segments see significant results and Enteractive helps operators secure tens of millions of lost player dollars every year – who doesn’t want that extra revenue? 

The future of iGaming depends  upon mastering player engagement and retention. By implementing the strategies above, operators can thrive in this competitive industry. Be it fostering two-way communication or embracing industry trends, these strategies pave the way for success in iGaming.