Sisal invests in Naples with new tech hub

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A place designed to increase the company’s ability to innovate, supporting growth in the long run. This is the new It Hub of Sisal, a structure inaugurated today in the Business Center of Naples, a hub of important companies and state-of-the-art universities present in the city.

The structure can already count on over 30 newly hired IT figures and professional profiles from different training paths, especially related to scientific and IT fields, which will be added in the coming months through a wide hiring plan.

Over the past few years Sisal has invested in people and skills with an innovation model that does not centralize strategies and technologies only in the main offices in Milan and Rome, but invests throughout the national territory in a widespread way. In addition to the one in Naples, the company has an IT Hub in Palermo and an Innovation Lab in Turin that have a total of almost 50 people.

This strategy is in continuity with the investments made in recent years also abroad, where Sisal is present with three digital hubs in Turkey, Albania and Tunisia, and which from 2019 to date have led to the hiring of almost 400 colleagues in the IT field.

In this context, the IT Hub of Naples is born, the first in Campania, a new hub that includes professional figures with a high technical profile, from software engineers to quality assurance professionals, who side by side with the entire ICT department of Sisal, disseminated in Italy and abroad, in the design, development and implementation of all platforms aimed at internal use in the company and externally for their consumers.

‘Sisal has always been an innovation-oriented company,’ says Mario Martinelli, Chief Technology Officer at Sisal. “We will continue to invest more and more in widespread poles in other areas of Italy, also in collaboration with local universities. In line with this strategy, the new IT Hub in Naples represents a hub of innovation that can be dedicated to the medium-long term, focusing on ideas, talent enhancement, experimentation and research, helping the whole company to look further”.