Stake enters horse racing partnership with RAS Technology

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RAS Technology Holdings a leading provider of fully integrated premium data and enhanced content and technology solutions to the global racing and wagering industries, has marked a significant milestone in its global strategy through a two-year agreement with one of the largest online casino and sportsbooks in the world,

The contract, which includes a further one-year renewal period, has the potential to be the most significant deal to date for RAS and will commence once’s racing offer goes live, which is expected to be in the first quarter of has had over 200 billion bets on their platform since launching in 2017 including over 100 million bets through their sports book, which launched in 2019.

They also support over 25 currencies (including cryptocurrencies) for betting on their platform. Under the agreement, Racing and Sports will provide with a complete racing solution, highlighting the strength and breadth of RAS’s offering. This will encompass market-leading racing data and content translated into key languages. The remuneration model for this collaboration is structured around a percentage of the net gaming revenue generated through’s racing offer.

Commenting on the significance of the deal, RAS CEO Stephen Crispe said: “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with, the highest volume betting platform globally. This strategic partnership will not only broaden’s wagering offering by adding racing but also further positions Racing and Sports asthe go-to provider for industry leading and fully integrated racing and wagering solutions on a global scale.

”Commenting on the deal with Racing and Sports, Commercial Director Jarrod Febbraiosaid:“We are excited to partner with Racing & Sports and take our product to the next level with one of the leading racing odds and software providers in the industry. We are eagerly awaiting to go live on the platform and offer additional options for our customers to explore.