Moon Princess: Power of Love


George Olekszy of Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO talks about the company’s highly anticipated slot Moon Princess: Power of Love.

Moon Princess: Power of Love is a 5×5 cascading grid slot. Players can spin to create winning combinations of symbols and make use of a number of exciting bonus features including Free Spins, and the Love Triangle Meter, which feature the special Character Feature abilities of Love, Prince Hail, and Prince Blaze. 

The trio of powerful princesses that we all know and love aren’t joined at the hip. They each have their own impressive powers, enough to stand on their own two feet. And Love has work to do! Follow this angelic beauty as she decides between the two princes that vie for her attention.  

Of course, she might choose neither. As the embodiment of love itself, it’s going to take a lot to sway this princess… 

Play’n GO conjures a romantic new title to add to their successful IP, Moon Princess, with Moon Princess: Power of Love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Fans of the Moon Princess series and grid slots alike are in for a treat with this romantic slot. In a brand-new adventure, two princes vie for the attention of Love – but who shall she give her heart to? Following the release of Moon Princess Trinity earlier in the year, this new title only sediments further the strength of Play’n GO’s IPs. 

New characters have been introduced to the IP, demonstrating that it’s not only a change in gameplay that keeps players on the edge of their seats, but also a testament to Play’n GO’s innate ability to capture the experience of truly entertaining slots.  

Both the Free Spins and Multiplier have been increased to x100; a feature usually seen in Play’n GO’s popular ‘100 Series’ (be still our beating heart). Players will be happy to find that the Clear the Grid Prize is still very much present in this edition of the series.  

When we first met the trio of lunar princesses in 2017, it was hard to imagine that one day this series would be such a fan-favourite in the slot community. Featuring their own title in the 100 series as well as a magical Christmas edition, Moon Princess: Power of Love is sure to win the hearts of fans of the series as well as new players.  

Play’n GO’s Moon Princess: Power of Love joins the Moon Princess series which is sure to become as beloved as the rest of the titles in the IP and is an impressive take on the classic Valentine’s slot. 

In Moon Princess: Power of Love, you will spin the 5×5 grid in an attempt to create winning clusters of symbols to secure wins. During each spin, there is the chance to earn some pulse-quickening features as Love decides between the proposals of two prestigious princes of the Moon Kingdom.  

But which will she choose? And more importantly, which bonuses will get your heart pumping? 

Love Triangle 

As these two princes fight for Love’s hand, they’ll stop at nothing to prove their worth. As you clear the grid of symbols, the Love Meter will fill up. Once filled, either Love, Prince Hail, or Prince Blaze will use their powers across the grid, each with their own unique effects.  

If you clear the entire grid, you’ll instantly be awarded with a x50 total prize and you’ll also trigger the exciting Free Spins feature. 


This power will see the princess choose a random type of symbol on the grid, causing all matching symbols to transform into another symbol type. This can lead to winning clusters where there originally were none and potentially some exciting cascades, too! 

Prince Hail 

Prince Hail showcases his icy powers drawing a shocking gasp from all who witness. This bonus feature will see two columns become synchronised, frozen together with the power of ice, creating a much higher chance for winning combinations to form. 

Prince Blaze 

In contrast to the unifying powers of Prince Hail, Blaze chooses the chaos of fire. This prince will add 2-4 of the same symbol to the grid, potentially creating winning combinations where once there were none. 

Free Spins 
Once triggered, you’ll select one of the two princes, Hail or Blaze, to determine the number of starting Free Spins and the respective powers that will be active during the feature. Their power will activate on every non-winning spin to add an extra chance for a win. 

Free Spins can also be retriggered by clearing the grid for an additional three spins each time, up to a maximum of 100! 

Prepare to witness a competition of pure devotion, as these princes go head-to-head to impress the embodiment of Love herself. But will she make a choice? Only time will tell… 


As one of the three Moon Princesses, this brilliant beauty has travelled far and wide spreading her message of kindness and love to every corner of the land. And now, as she ventures on her own adventure, she has garnered the attention of two smitten souls. 

Prince Hail 

As cool as ice, Prince Hail is a force of nature to be reckoned with. But don’t let his powers fool you—they may be frosty, but they’ll not chill the budding attraction between these two royal romantics. 

Prince Blaze 

Passion and pride drive Prince Blaze to seek his desires with conviction. As relentless as a raging inferno, he will stop at nothing to prove to Love that he is as mighty a blaze as his name decrees.