Digitain’s Centrivo Dynamics & Universal Launches “Booster”: A Game-Changing Promotional Tool for iGaming

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Digitain, a leading iGaming solutions provider, is excited to unveil “Booster”, a powerful promotional engine integrated into its innovative platforms, Centrivo Dynamics & Centrivo Universal.

With a focus on user-friendly customisation and advanced features, Booster is set to elevate the online gaming experience for operators and players.

“Booster” effortlessly creates and manages tailored promotional campaigns for enhanced player engagement and loyalty. Ensures fairness and transparency in all promotional activities through a Certified RNG. Dynamically integrates with all bonus campaigns within the Centrivo Dynamics & Universal platforms, streamlining the promotional process for operators. Moreover, operators can customise promotions without developer involvement, adapting quickly to market demands.

There are plenty of prizes and prize allocations to captivate and reward players.

While running your campaign it also provides real-time, detailed reporting on promotional campaign performance, enabling operators to optimize strategies.

Edmond Ghulyan, Group Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief of Centrivo Product shared his thoughts on Booster: “Booster is a game-changer for iGaming operators. Its dynamic capabilities empower operators to run targeted, personalized campaigns, driving player participation and loyalty.

Centrivo Dynamics & Universal continues to lead the industry, and Booster reinforces Digitain’s commitment to providing operators with innovation in the competitive iGaming landscape.”