entrusts Enteractive with Reactivation Segments


Enteractive, the leader in player conversion and reactivation services, has been engaged by, one of the major players in the industry, to support their existing CRM services with bespoke reactivation campaigns aimed at winning back players from lapsed accounts for the sports betting brand.

The iGaming company begins campaigns with Enteractive focused on the reactivation of lapsed audience segments and sees Enteractive’s personalised approach to audience outreach as the key to optimising revenue generation from these churned segments of their player base.

Jarrod Febbraio, Director of Commercial at, commented, “Enteractive is recognized across the industry for its specialized approach in re-engaging distinct player segments for sports betting and iGaming brands. Their one-to-one approach is particularly effective in transforming non-funded accounts and reactivating dormant player accounts. We’re excited to see this collaboration maximize the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) for these segments, optimising our active players, and ultimately increasing bottom line revenues.”

Kelly Briffa, B2B Sales Executive, added “Our commitment to real one-to-one conversations with players will help access those hard-to-reach audience segments to achieve the desired results in player conversions.” 

Briffa concluded, “Our sustainable approach, seamless integration, and solid returns show that conversion or reactivation campaigns should not be overlooked. Each call adds value to both the player’s brand experience and bottom line revenues.”

Enteractive is the industry leader in player conversion and reactivation with 15 years experience talking one-on-one with millions of players around the world, having formed in 2008, and is recognised as one of the top revenue generators globally for the iGaming sector.

In the last year, Enteractive interacted with more than 8.1 million players, generating over €59 million for global operators, from almost €263million in deposits.

Enteractive’s proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform allows a fast and seamless integration of selected player databases, with native-speaking sales agents able to engage with players in each market with real-human one-to-one outreach by phone. 

With native speaking call agents supporting iGaming brands across the globe, Enteractive converts more than 16,000 players per month for a variety of leading operators.