Bethard partner Enteractive for player conversion and reactivation

Business News

Enteractive, the leader in player conversion and reactivation services, has been engaged by Bethard, the leading Swedish operator, to complement their existing internal CRM services with Enteractive’s bespoke conversion and reactivation services to win back active players from lapsed accounts across their .se and .com brands.

The  SGA-regulated Swedish powerhouse begins campaigns with Enteractive focused on both conversion of registered non-funded segments as well as the reactivation of lapsed player accounts, and sees Enteractive’s personalised approach to player outreach as the key to optimising revenue generation from these inactive segments of their player base.

Enteractive is the industry leader in player activation with more than 15 years experience, and is recognised as one of the top revenue generators globally for the online gambling sector.

Enteractive’s proprietary (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform allows a fast and seamless integration of selected player databases, with native-speaking sales agents able to engage with players in each market with real-human one-to-one outreach by phone. 

This personalised approach to CRM is a proven way to re-engage players from churned segments, with responsible gambling best practices included as a standard feature. 

Frank Heinanen, Managing Director at Bethard, commented: “In order to maximise revenue, Bethard has partnered with Enteractive to re-engage audience segments which we’ve found respond better to the more personal approach offered by a two-way phone conversation. To optimise the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) for every segment of our player base, Enteractive will concentrate on those particular audience groups we’ve identified as being more receptive to such direct and one-on-one interaction.”

John Foster, Head of B2B Sales at Enteractive, added: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Bethard, whose sports betting and iGaming brands are well-established across their markets. Bethard recognizes the overlooked possibilities within inactive player accounts, and Enteractive possesses the perfect combination of technology and reactivation specialists to substantially boost active player revenues.” 

With native speaking call agents supporting iGaming brands across the globe, Enteractive converts more than 16,000 players per month for a variety of leading operators.