Norway orders Schpell to withdraw Illegal gambling ads


Norwegian Gambling Authority Inspections say Schpell’s website and their social channels show that they market gambling that is not legal in Norway. Among other things, they use Norwegian influencers, who have a number of young followers. On channels such as Twitch, Kick and YouTube, the influencers broadcast that they play illegal money games.

This is illegal marketing of gambling. We are concerned that they can lead young people into dangerous gambling. There is a reason why it is not allowed to market these games in Norway, says Kjelsnes.

In these games you can lose thousands of kroner in a short time, and the game itself is designed to make you want to play more. 

Schpell uses Norwegian influencers, much of their marketing takes place in Norway and is aimed at Norway. Now the Norwegian Lottery Authority has ordered the company behind Schpell, Tiergarten Marketing Ltd., to stop the illegal marketing of gambling.

Several well-known influencers contribute to the marketing. 

The decision is also aimed at the Norwegian companies Baris Entertainment AS and Viken Underholdning AS. They have influencers that Schpell has agreements with and uses in marketing.

These are players who have great power to influence, and they are helping to normalize gambling. The influencers stream and share videos of themselves playing money games, which are not allowed to be offered in Norway, while young people watch and may be encouraged to play themselves.

Tiergarten Marketing Ltd., Baris Entertainment AS and Viken Underholdning AS have until 20 February to stop marketing or helping to market gambling that is not licensed in Norway. If they do not comply with the decision, we will consider giving them a compulsory fine. Violation fees may also apply.