UK sets maximum stake limits on online slots


Stake limits for online slot games will be introduced for the first time in September, including lower limits for young adults, as the Government continues to roll out measures.

Under-25s playing online slot games are to be limited to £2 a spin and people over the age of 25 will be limited to £5 from September under new measures to protect people from harmful gambling, the government has announced.

The DCMS described the new limits as a “landmark moment” for the regulation of online gambling.

Easily accessible online slot games are one of the most addictive forms of gambling and can be associated with large losses, long sessions, and binge play, according to evidence presented during a consultation over the proposals contained in the government’s gambling White Paper.

Gambling Minister Stuart Andrew said: Although millions of people gamble safely every single day, the evidence shows that there is a significantly higher problem gambling rate for online slot games. 

We also know that young adults can be more vulnerable when it comes to gambling related harms, which is why we committed to addressing both of these issues in our white paper.

The growing popularity of online gambling is clear to see, so this announcement will level the playing field with the land-based sector and is the next step in a host of measures being introduced this year that will protect people from gambling harms.