Arizona sports wagering handle reaches record $67.7 million

Sports Betting

Arizona sportsbooks brought a fitting end to the 2023 calendar year with regards to sports betting in the United States posting a monthly record revenue haul after the state’s Department of Gaming reported $67.7 million in gross revenue before any deductions were counted.

Operator winnings easily surpassed the previous high of $60.1 million in September, and the top three all-time totals in 28 months of wagering all occurred in the final four months of 2023. The strong close to the calendar year pushed gross revenue to $557.4 million, up 17.8% compared to 2022 as the 8.5% hold was up nearly two-thirds of a percentage point.

Handle was a robust $693.3 million, up 21.1% compared to the final month of 2022 but 2.8% off November’s record $713.6 million. Arizona sportsbooks accepted more than $6.57 billion worth of bets in 2023, up 8.9% from 2022 when it edged over $6 billion.