Arkansas sports wagering hits $50.7 million in January

Sports Betting

As sports betting continues to rise year-to-year, experts are predicting that 2024 should surpass the 2023 record of $404 million wagered in Arkanssa on sports through legal operators.

In 2023, tax revenue from sports betting totaled $5.33 million. The cities and counties that are home to these casinos receive a significant portion of that revenue.

Another reason as to why sports betting continues to rise is because of mobile betting options that were popular for Arkansas casinos in 2023. Revenue in January was up 54% to $50.7 million.

Anyone who is over the age of 21 in the state can now bet on sports all from the comfort of their home.This caused total sports wagers to increase from $186 million in 2022 to $404 million in 2023.