Dutch gambling regulator announces ‘Safe Gaming’ agenda

Responsible Gambling

The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) presents the new supervisory agenda, based on its mission ‘Safe Gaming’ and its public objectives.

These objectives are detailed in the Strategy 2020-2024. In the annual supervision agenda, the Ksa describes which topics receive extra attention, because it estimates that there are additional risks in those areas.

The Ksa describes what it wants to achieve and how it will do this. In 2024, the organization will pay extra attention to the following topics: Check on duty of care/addiction prevention: players are protected against risky or problematic gambling.

Combating illegal online offerings with further attention to the entire chain: at least 90 percent of players play with legal providers.

Support of partners, independent investigations and interventions in the physical domain: the Ksa, together with its partners (such as municipalities, police, Public Prosecution Service, RIECS, Tax Authorities and FIOD), combats physical illegal gambling. This prevents undermining.
Compliance with the provision of data: providers provide timely, complete and correct data required for supervision.

Important changes compared to 2023 include the heavy emphasis on the duty of care, the increasing data-driven approach to risk-based supervision and increasing the effectiveness of interventions by looking at the entire chain of illegal supply. Compliance with the (amended) advertising rules, particularly aimed at young people, remains important but has now become a regular part of supervision.