Galaxsys Upgrades Hit Game Ninja Crash with New Features & Design


Galaxsys, a leading innovator studio in the iGaming industry, is thrilled to announce the upgraded version of Ninja Crash, the reigning queen of their gaming portfolio. With a dynamic blend of enhanced design, new features, and improved gameplay, Ninja Crash promises an even more thrilling gaming adventure. 

About Ninja Crash

Ninja Crash brings the beloved social gaming favorite to the iGaming industry. Launched just last year, this fan-favorite game has swiftly become a star in leading portfolios, integrated by over 150+ partners worldwide, with particular popularity in LatAm. Galaxsys gaming studio has recently announced a major upgrade to this hit title.

Let’s dive into the various aspects that have undergone significant upgrades and improvements.

New Game Highlights 

Optimized Interface 

Players can now enjoy an upgraded interface featuring round action buttons for intuitive navigation and enhanced odds visibility, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Maximum Coefficient x5000

The game offers the potential for substantial wins, with the maximum coefficient reaching an impressive x5000.

Combo Bonus Feature

In the game, players can earn a Combo Bonus by slicing a randomly appearing sweet, which triggers a Bonus Game where more sweets appear for slicing. The bonus odds are additive and are combined with the main game’s odds at the end, ensuring players benefit from the bonus session even if they lose in the main game.

Landscape Mode for Mobile

The feature is a game-changer in terms of player experience, as players can enjoy an optimized gaming environment on their mobile devices.

Improved Algorithm

The game incorporates an advanced algorithm designed to captivate and retain players, providing a prolonged and enjoyable gaming experience.

Live Chat

The feature introduces real-time messaging, threaded conversations, and personalized stickers, placing the players at the heart of dynamic discussions.

Auto Play Mode

A new addition to Ninja Crash that automatically initiates the next round after each cashout or loss, allowing players to relax and enjoy the continuous flow of excitement.

Freeze Bonus Feature

When the Freezing Bonus appears, players are guaranteed a win as it fixes their current winnings.

With the latest updates and features, Ninja Crash is now even more appealing to Galaxsys Partners, ensuring an elevated gaming experience for their players. These enhancements are designed to increase enjoyment, engagement, and rewards.

Explore the upgraded Ninja Crash now – the demos are available here.