DATA.BET brings in Otto Bonning as new Head of Sales

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DATA.BET, a leading provider of advanced esports solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Otto Bonning as the new Head of Sales.

Otto brings a wealth of experience in sales, spanning a decade and covering various industries, including sports betting, events, athlete management, and media, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of the sports data provider world.

This change marks a significant milestone for DATA.BET, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing efficient services and products to its clients. With Otto’s expertise and strategic vision, DATA.BET is poised for continued success in the rapidly evolving esports industry. For instance, one of the key goals for 2024 is to enhance industry awareness of DATA.BET and showcase its capabilities as a leading esports solutions provider. 

Otto plans to work collaboratively across teams to ensure the delivery of a top-class product, enhance marketing efforts, and drive more awareness of the company’s identity.

Otto Bonning commented on his focus for the upcoming year, “First, I’m delighted to be surrounded by so many talented people. I truly believe that we are on a strong path and will only continue to grow as the year goes on. My primary focus will be on establishing partnerships with key companies in the industry, new revenue, and making sure we deliver on our promises.”