Danske Spil reports record revenue of DKK5.04 billion

Finance News

Danske Spil’s annual accounts for 2023 show a record high contribution to the distribution funds of DKK 1,683 million. DKK and also a record social contribution of DKK 3,071 million.

The social contribution has grown by 7 per cent. to 3,071 million DKK, and the contribution to the distribution funds has increased by 14 per cent. to 1,683 million DKK. The year’s result after tax has increased by 6 per cent. to 1,824 million The progress is mainly due to a good development in Danske Spil’s lotteries, where a product change to Lotto ensures even more millionaires, just as Eurojackpot remains popular, and at the same time the focus on costs, improvement of the financial items and the merger with the Class Lottery have contributed positively.

“It is very positive that Danske Spil together with its 1.9 million customers with this year’s accounts set several records. Part of the basis of Danske Spil’s existence is that the profits must benefit the community, and from the 2023 annual accounts, DKK 3.1 billion will be delivered.

DKK to the community, of which DKK 1.7 billion DKK goes to the distribution funds and thus directly to associations, culture and sport. The financial level has been lifted and accountability has been strengthened, so that there is still a very reasonable balance in Danske Spil,” says Peter Christensen, chairman of the board of Danske Spil.

The positive development was created in a year marked by low consumer confidence and periods of inflation, which affected Danske Spil’s costs. At the same time as progress in the financial results, Danske Spil has continued to work for healthy gambling habits and responsible gambling.

For example, there has been a reduction in the deposit limits and an increased and earlier care contact with the players. In 2023, the psychological advisors contacted customers 9,473 times to talk to them about their gambling, of which just under 3,000 times via phone call, which is 43 per cent. more calls than the previous year and a doubling in two years.

A strengthened effort has also been initiated for young adults to prevent and ensure that these customers are taken care of earlier if they show signs of gambling problems. Overall, the efforts are showing positive results, and since 2021 Danske Spil has reduced the proportion of high-risk players by 40 per cent, and in 2023 alone the proportion has been reduced by 29 per cent.

“We are very satisfied with this year’s accounts, which balance responsibility and profitability. We have to make sure that everything goes properly and work for healthy gambling habits at the same time that we create a financial surplus for e.g. sports and cultural life in Denmark,” says CEO of Danske Spil, Nikolas Lyhne-Knudsen.

At the same time, Danske Spil maintains a responsible approach to marketing and shows e.g. not TV advertisements for Oddset in connection with football matches. In addition, Danske Spilsiden 2019 has halved the advertising pressure for sports and casino games on TV.

In 2023, there has also been a major development of Danske Spil’s sales channels and products, and there is always a focus on developing the products and being present where the Danes are. In 2023, a product change to Lotto with more millionaires and a bigger first prize was implemented, and the launch of Christmas Lotto, with the first ever Lotto draw on a day other than Saturday, brought great customer interest. Together with the Super Millionaire chance, the changes have been instrumental in creating 315 millionaires in 2023, which is a record for the most millionaires in one year.

“In 2023, we will return a record amount to society. We can only do that because we develop our offer to the 1.9 million Danes who are customers of Danske Spil. In 2023, we have renewed the Lotto with a larger first prize pool, and we have introduced the Christmas Lotto. The changes have been a success with customers, and it has created a record number of millionaires. At the same time, we are present where the Danes are – e.g. for national matches, for the DM week and by virtue of the sponsorship of the cup tournament with the Oddset Pokalen, and we have our own, special games on e.g. Melodi Grand Prix and the Queen’s New Year’s speech, which show the special Danishness that is part of our DNA,” says Nikolas Lyhne Knudsen.

The gross gaming revenue (BSI) in the Danske Spil Group is expected to be in the range of DKK 5.0-5.2 billion in 2024. DKK, and the year’s profit after tax is expected to be DKK 1.8-1.9 billion. DKK. Expectations for BSI and profit after tax are at the same level as, or with a smaller increase in relation to, the 2023 level.