Betano and the Romanian Football Federation extend partnership


Betano, Kaizen Gaming’s premium brand, announces today the extension of their strategic partnership with the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) until 2030.

The announcement represents a major milestone in this partnership and demonstrates Betano’s and FRF’s shared commitment to promoting excellence in sport in Romania.

Over the past two years, Betano and FRF have combined their vision and expertise for the growth of the Cupa Romaniei Betano, one of the most loved football competitions in Romania. The current competition season introduced a new format of the Cup, bringing the game closer to the fans in the stands and at home.

As part of the collaboration, Betano has been actively involved in marketing efforts, working alongside an extensive ecosystem of partners, including FRF, media partners and representatives of the teams that qualified for Cupa Romaniei Betano’s group stage. Their common goal is to develop campaigns that will increase the visibility of the competition and facilitate engaging football fans even more. The latest initiative is the development of the TV and digital show Bate Cupa. This is the first show putting a spotlight on all 24 qualified teams and showcasing the players’ skills in an unconventional and entertaining way.

Both Betano and FRF are dedicated to delivering even more initiatives to support Romanian football within this year.

“During the past two years, we have shared a common vision with the Romanian Football Federation to take Cupa Romaniei Betano to new heights. The new format of the competition has been a great step down that route. We believe that the enthusiasm and the prestige surrounding Cupa Romaniei Betano will rise even higher. The new multi-year agreement shows the belief we have in this competition and our burning passion for football. At Kaizen Gaming we remain committed to supporting the growth of sports in Romania with integrity and responsibility”, said Julio Iglesias, Chief Commercial Officer of Kaizen Gaming, owner of Betano.

On his part, the President of the FRF, Răzvan Burleanu, commented: “This is a special moment, as it marks the longest extension of a partnership ever recorded by the FRF – a 6-year extension of our collaboration with Betano for the Romanian Cup.

This new contract reflects the mutual trust between the Romanian Football Federation and Betano, as well as the recognition of our partnership’s essential contribution to the development and promotion of Romanian football. Together, we aim to take the Betano Romanian Cup to another level and consolidate the position of this competition as one of the most important sports events in our country. Our work with Betano reflects our common commitment to promoting sports values. One of the remarkable achievements of this collaboration is Betano’s sustained effort in marketing projects dedicated to increasing the visibility and popularity of the Betano Romanian Cup”.