Flutter Entertainment enjoys record 35m bets over Cheltenham Festival

Finance News

It’s the Olympics of the sport and one of the pivotal moments for Flutter’s UK and Irish division each and every year. Last week was no different, with over 2.5m active customers across Flutter’s three main UK and Irish sportsbooks – Paddy Power, Sky Bet and Betfair – placing nearly 35m bets over the four-day Festival.

As Karen McMahon, Racing Director at Flutter UKI, explains, it is the brand’s “opportunity to shine and lots of preparation goes into ensuring our customers enjoy a seamless and fun experience – hearts definitely beat faster during this week.” To pull this off at scale and at speed, meticulous planning is essential to ensure maximum customer entertainment, with compelling campaigns and top-notch offers driving this engagement.

Odds compilers and product developers work hard alongside one another to provide real-time prices and maintain app stability, while customer service teams are primed for one of the busiest days of the year. In fact, UKI colleagues tend to handle “over 85,000 customer contacts and 51,000 verification documents during the four days, a volume typically seen in a month,” according to Arlene Griffin, Flutter UKI Customer Service Director.