Same Old Play or Time for a New Game?


Raluca Turtică – Public Relations Manager – Softgenius.

Everybody feels safe in the familiar. Whether it’s the classic slot game you’ve spun a thousand times or that well-known route you take home daily. There’s a need for constants in a world that thrives on unpredictability. Yet, in both life and iGaming, change is inevitable. 

For far too long, the design of game platforms has remained unchanged, and the reason often cited is that players are familiar with it. But should we let familiarity hold us back from embracing new wonders? 

The Familiarity Factor

When you walk into a shopping mall, each store may have a unique storefront design, but inside, the layout often feels quite familiar. This parallel can also be drawn within the iGaming industry. Even though every brand has a distinct visual design, delve deeper, and you’ll find a really consistent user experience. But why?

Jakob’s Laws reveal something remarkable: “People spend most of their time on other websites.”
This idea shows an important fact about how users act: they usually prefer websites that are similar to what they already know.

It’s kind of an antithesis if you think about it – in an industry where fortunes can change with the click of a button and every spin of the roulette holds the promise of excitement, familiarity can act as our anchor.

This craving for familiarity extends beyond mere appearances. It becomes an integral part of user interactions, ensuring the journey from registering to gameplay and cashouts feels like a natural progression.

The ‘Deposit’ button? It’s right where you’d put it if you designed it yourself. Game categories? Carefully organized into sections such as “Most Played,” “Top Rated,” and “Newest Releases”.

Accessing customer support is straightforward, ensuring that assistance is always within reach. The payment process is designed for simplicity and security, eliminating unnecessary hurdles when players deposit or withdraw funds.

The arrangement of these elements collectively creates a digital haven that resonates with familiar experiences users have already encountered.

Playing it Safe 

Over the years, certain UX structures have proven effective in guiding players, maximizing engagement, and ensuring optimal gameplay. By following these designs, brands reduce the risk of disorienting users. You can say it’s a… safe bet.

But when does playing it safe lead to hitting the jackpot? When can we go all in? Is the reward worth the risk? Much like an experienced gambler carefully calculating the odds, UI/UX designers face a similar dilemma. 

Sometimes, changes are desired, but they come with risks. Designers may hesitate to make significant changes because they know players may not appreciate drastic alterations. In the end, hitting the jackpot can often mean sticking with a safe bet.

However, as I’ve seen at SoftGenius,  evolution doesn’t always mean a complete transformation. Small changes in user interactions, the introduction of innovative game features, or the use of AI for personalized experiences could very well unlock the secret to setting a brand apart while retaining that soothing sense of familiarity. – the Head of Design of SoftGenius

As the industry quickly evolves, sticking to what you’re used to, while it can be helpful, can still slow you down.

Navigating Change with a Fresh Deck

Occasionally, pioneers within the industry have dared to step away from the conventional norms. Some found niche success, but many faced player confusion, a loss of trust, or disappointment in not meeting their audience’s expectations when dramatically changing the user experience.

Softgenius recognizes the importance of providing players with a familiar environment while emphasizing the need to stay ahead of the game. To engage and excite, you need to stand out. As iGaming platforms continue to evolve, the most successful ones will be those that will skillfully combine traditional and modern elements.

The burning question remains: Will all casinos look the same in the next decade? As technology advances and player preferences change, the iGaming industry faces a choice. 

The objective is not about completely changing everything but about exploring new possibilities within the existing framework.

Ultimately, equilibrium takes center stage. 

Beauty lies in the `AI` of the player 

Human psychology is a realm of profound complexities, and the field of user experience design is firmly grounded in its principles. Softgenius’ insights spotlight the undeniable appeal of familiarity in digital spaces, harnessing the power of AI – which serves as a bridge between the familiar and the new.

By leveraging AI’s ability to learn from user behavior, preferences, and habits, it is possible to unlock new dimensions of user experience. Picture this AI as your personal game coach, perpetually picking up on your playing style, your preferences, and your gaming desires. And wait! It also knows your

favorite games and bonuses. Thanks to this, it’s like stepping into a world built around you whenever you log in.

Imagine a gaming world that adapts to you, where the game itself learns your moves and preferences. This exciting frontier is called ‘adaptive gaming.’ Here, AI algorithms work behind the scenes, tweaking game difficulty, rewards, and other stuff to match your skills and what you like. So, every time you play, it’s like the platform was designed just for you.

Finding the Winning Strategy

So, how is it possible to evolve without risking too much? 

Innovation doesn’t require completely discarding the past and starting from scratch. Why not keep what works and add some exciting new features?  This way, players won’t feel lost in a completely new setup. Instead, they will discover new features that keep them coming back for more. And that’s the point, right?

The future of iGaming is an enticing prospect, but it’s also a calculated gamble. As the industry continues to evolve, online platforms have a unique opportunity to embark on a transformative journey without severing ties with their roots. It’s all about striking the right balance; a blend that keeps players engaged, satisfied, and eager for more.

And if you’re as passionate as the SoftGenius team about exploring further on this subject, remember to keep an eye out – they might have some valuable insights to share. You can meet them in Barcelona next week, where they will be among some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Remember, shaping the future doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel but finding ways to improve it. Because as you probably know, the best way to predict the future is to invent it.