Dutch gambling regulator partners with Cloudflare


The Gaming Authority (Ksa) has made agreements with Cloudflare to tackle illegal gambling offerings even more effectively. Earlier this year, the Ksa imposed two binding instructions on Cloudflare for possibly facilitating illegal offers with the aim of stopping the facilitation.

The subsequent discussions revealed this to be technically incorrect. The Ksa subsequently withdrew the binding instructions.

The Ksa investigated the illegal affiliate websites nederlandscasinos.net and onlinecasinosspelen.com. Because the identity of the owners of these affiliate websites could not be determined, Cloudflare, as an Internet Service Provider, was instructed to stop providing services to the affiliates. In the conversation that followed, it became clear that Cloudflare itself cannot take measures to end the violation, but can provide information that can help. That is why the binding instructions have been withdrawn and agreements have been made to combat illegal supply.

The agreements made mean that the Ksa can actively question Cloudflare in its investigations to provide more information about the hosting parties behind illegal gambling providers. The information provided by Cloudflare can therefore be useful for the Ksa’s investigations, with the aim of putting an end to the illegal supply. Illegal providers and affiliates do everything they can to avoid sanctions. It is therefore often difficult to trace the owners and hosting parties of these websites.

It is prohibited to offer games of chance in the Netherlands without a license from the Ksa. Promoting illegal gambling is also not permitted under the Gambling Act. To combat illegal offers, the Ksa takes various measures, for example erecting barriers at payment providers or internet providers. By ensuring that these intermediaries no longer offer their services to illegal providers, illegal offerings are made more difficult or possibly even stopped altogether.