Dutch gambling regulator issues restrictions to hosting provider DigitalOcean


The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) imposes a binding instruction on hosting provider DigitalOcean.

This instruction instructs the provider to cease and desist from providing services to illegal affiliate websites. Through these websites, Dutch players are referred to websites of illegal gambling providers. That is prohibited.

Because the identity of the owners of the affiliates cannot be determined, the designation is imposed on the hosting provider because it makes the websites available in the Netherlands.
Illegal gambling offers are advertised via the websites casinozonderregistration.net and nieuw-casinos.net.

Offering games of chance without the correct license is prohibited in the Netherlands, as is promoting illegal gambling. To combat illegal offers, the Ksa takes various measures, for example erecting barriers at payment providers or internet providers. By ensuring that these intermediaries no longer offer their services to illegal providers, illegal offerings are made more difficult or possibly even stopped altogether. Over the past two years, the Ksa has conducted extensive research into promotion by affiliates.

DigitalOcean must stop providing services to the illegal affiliates within four weeks of sending the notice. If this is not the case, the Ksa can impose a follow-up sanction, for example a penalty and/or a fine.