Mateusz Juroszek nominated to GiG Media board

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Mateusz Juroszek, founder and co-owner of Betplay Capital and chairman of the Supervisory Board of ATAL S.A. and STS S.A., has been designated by the Nominating Committee of Gaming Innovation Group for the role of a member of the Board of Directors at GiG Media. The final decision will be made by the company’s General Meeting in May 2024.

The Juroszek family – through investment vehicles – has been the largest shareholder in Gaming Innovation Group since July 2023. MJ Foundation FR, the Family Foundation of Mateusz Juroszek, on April 4th acquired additional 100,000 shares of Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (“GiG”). In total Juroszek Family owns 19,424,518 shares of the Company (15,06% of shares).

My family’s involvement in Gaming Innovation Group has been long-standing and long-term. We see great potential in this company and in the industries in which it operates. As investors, we specialise in the iGaming sector and we constantly strive to increase our shares in the most promising entities. Therefore, we are constantly looking for opportunities to increase our shareholding in Gaming Innovation Group.

I believe that my experience both as an investor and as a manager of the largest bookmaker in Poland will contribute to even faster and more effective growth of GiG Media, a company dealing with the media and affiliate part of the current Gaming Innovation Group, says Mateusz Juroszek.