Dutch Parliament approve total advertising ban for online slots


The Dutch House of Representatives yesterday passed a surprise motion to ban online gambling advertising for online slots.

Members of the House voted to support a motion supporting a ban on all untargeted forms of advertising for “high-risk” forms of gambling, which would effectively ban television and radio advertising.

The vote also called for extending the current watershed ban on most forms of gambling broadcast advertising that runs from 6am to 9pm to the internet.

The vote came even though earlier ministers for legal protection Sander Dekker had resisted a call for tighter restrictions on advertising. 

And despite the gambling industry’s adoption of a voluntary code restricting the volume of ads.

A ban on untargeted forms of advertising means a ban on radio and TV ads, which cannot be targeted, and the motion, if implemented, would limit marketing to targeted ads on the internet after 9pm.

The motion by socialist party member Michiel van Nispen was supported by a House majority last night, according to Het Financieele Dagblad. 

Parliamentary debate had focused on concerns that minors and vulnerable groups are being influenced.