Holland Casino full year 2023 revenue tops €817 million

Finance News

Holland Casino ended 2023 with a turnover of €817.7 million, an increase of €63.9 million compared to 2022 (€753.8 million). The result after corporate tax increased to €23.6 million in 2023 (€17.0 million in 2022).

The number of visits amounted to 5.1 million, compared to 4.1 million a year earlier. But the sharply increased costs are putting pressure on the result, according to the 2023 Annual Report .

Even more in the coming years. CFO Ruud Bergervoet: “We are happy with the robust result. At the same time, the profit margin is under heavy pressure in the future. Looking ahead, we are dealing with the effects of two years of high inflation, higher costs to continue to comply with stricter legislation and regulations, rising personnel costs and increased gambling taxes, which means we really have to follow a strict course.” 

CEO Petra de Ruiter: “Holland Casino’s results show that the organization is stable, but the challenges are great. That is why a lot of attention was paid this year to making plans for the future. This has led to a recalibrated strategy: Dare to bet on tomorrow. Keeping Holland Casino future-proof largely depends on the success of the strategy and effective cost control.

If we want to achieve a healthy result in the coming years and at the same time continue to invest at a healthy level in our social exemplary role, we cannot afford much more and we cannot be surprised again and again with additional cost increases as a result of additional regulations, or for example, higher gambling taxes. The stretch is over.”