Norsk Rikstoto revenue hits NOK 516 million in 2023

Finance News

2023 has been a significant milestone Norway’s state-owned horse race betting operator, as the first year of the new gambling law. We have strengthened our gambling offer, while at the same time we have built on a solid foundation for responsible gambling, says Erik Røste, chairman of the Norsk Rikstoto.

For over forty years, Norsk Rikstoto has contributed billions of kroner to Norwegian equestrian sport. From the gambling income in 2023, a total of NOK 516 million will be paid to good causes in equestrian sports.

As one of two monopoly players in Norway, we are subject to strict requirements, including for efficient operation. The largest possible profit must go back to the profit recipients, says Røste. – That is why we are proud and satisfied that we can contribute over half a billion kroner from the year 2023, which is in line with last year and never before have we transferred more in % of turnover to our grant recipients!

Equestrian sport leaves a mark and is an important part of society. Horses mean inclusion, health and joy, and create jobs for many thousands of people throughout Norway.

We at Rikstoto are proud that every month we transfer large sums of money to Det Norske Travselskap, Norsk Galopp and Norsk Hestesenter. In addition, an unknown number of players will receive a share of the profits. Since the Norsk Rikstoto was founded over forty years ago, we have supported equestrian sport, and we still do, says Camilla Garmann, managing director of the Norsk Rikstoto.

This is how the money is distributed: 97% of the profit is to be distributed to the three permanent grant recipients (DNT, Norsk Galopp and Norsk Hestesenter) and 3% is kept for allocation after application in 2024.

Det Norske Travselskap NOK 422.9 million. Norwegian Gallop NOK 47.5 million. Norwegian Horse Center NOK 29.9 million. Other horse organizations (upon application) NOK 15.5 million.