Pug Thugs of Nitropolis by ELK Studios


Ruling the Skies

From their blimp above Nitropolis, the cunning and clever Pug Thugs prepare for their final battle of Nitropolis. The plan is set, no stone unturned – it’s time to get Back to Work!

Pug Thugs of Nitropolis is a 6 reel 6 row cunning slot. It comes with Nitro Reels, paylines in all 4 directions, wilds, big symbols, coin wins, a Max Win coin, a bonus game and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 25,000x the bet.

4-Way Action

Pug Thugs features connecting paylines that start from all 4 edges of the game grid. Intersecting paylines create Nitro Reels in the intersection positions.

Game Features

Nitro Insane
The Nitro Insane feature is randomly triggered at the start of any spin and places a random number of Nitro Reels in the inner 4×4 area of the game grid.

Nitro Reels
A Nitro Reel only takes up the space of one symbol position but can contain a stack of up to 8 symbols. Nitro Reels appear inside the inner 4×4 area of the game grid.

Feature Screens
The four feature screens in the corners of the game grid randomly trigger features such as Make Big, Nitro Wild, Nitro Match and Collect.

Bonus Game
Three or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with a guaranteed Nitro Insane at the start of every spin. A Bonus triggered with at least one Super Bonus symbol triggers the Super Bonus game, now with sticky Nitro Reels.

X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 3x bet with more than three times the chance to trigger the bonus to a 500x bet Super Bonus game with sticky Nitro Reels.. More info about X-iter™